About US

Beautiful Redemption Rescue

We are not just a central Ohio based animal rescue. Though that is our primary focus, there is so much more to our amazing group than that one sentence captures! We are also a group of individuals, majority women, whom work hard to empower each other, establish a family like environment and encourage each other through life’s ups and downs.
We are all volunteers that work hard to make an impact on our local communities. We strive to give back to , not just the furs, but to others we interact with. Our goal is to help take all of the broken, whether a scared shelter pull, a sick puppy, or a family trying to find affordable care for their loved ones with paws, and help them heal and grow in love and life!
Many of our team have come from a life that has been filled with struggle from overcoming abusive relationships, severe medical issues, and other life altering experiences. We understand how important love, compassion, and second chances can be! Without our furbabies, many of us would have, or have, succumbed to the depression, anxiety, and lack of unconditional love and understanding that only a fur can show and give!!
Together, we can give back, save lives, and return the unconditional love they give so naturally to all of us!
Beautiful Redemption Rescue, Helping the Broken Become Beautiful Again!!!