‚ÄčThank you for choosing adoption!

All of our cats & dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption.

Our dog adoption fees range from $100-$400
Our cat adoption fees range from $50-$150

Adoption Fees are due in full before the pet can leave the rescue.

Important notes:
Failure to fully complete the application will result in automatic denial.

These animals are rescues and we want to make sure they are being placed in dedicated homes where they will be loved and well cared for. Our goal is to make sure the pet and the family are happy with the adoption and the process. We are not a first come, first serve rescue. We will place the dog/cat within the best fitting home.

Once an application has been approved a meeting will be setup within 72 hours for you to pickup your new family member. If an animal is unable to leave the foster’s care due to pending medical appointment(s) or nursing babies we do require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit which is equal to HALF the adoption fee, with the remaining portion due upon pickup of pet.

Animals will not be delivered/shipped. You must come to where the dog/cat are located. If you need the pet brought to you, you will be charged a minimum fee of $0.40 per mile for the transporters trip to pick up the pet from the foster, the trip to your location, and the transporters trip back home. If the transport is over 4 hours round trip, and additional fee of $150 will be charged as well. Our resources are limited, as we are completely volunteer based, so we may not have someone available within the 72 hour time frame, and transportation needs would need to be discussed prior to adoption approval. Time will not be extended for transportation purposes, and pickup must be within 72 hours of final approval/notice for availability of pet.

IF THE PET IS ADOPTED AND IS NOT A GOOD FIT FOR THE HOME YOU MUST RETURN THE PET TO BRR! REHOMING ANY ANIMAL ADOPTED FROM B WILL RESULT IN LEGAL ACTION! We understand sometimes it just does not work out. However you MUST return the pet to Beautiful Redemption Rescue.

**Once a pet is officially adopted Beautiful Redemption Rescue is no longer responsible nor liable or the medical and necessity costs of the pet, damage from pets, or costs associated with the pet in general, unless pet is surrendered back to the rescue through proper forms.
Once you submit your application you agree to all the listed terms!